Transport Pro is now offering Transport Pro Small Business, the small business version of its transportation management software.

Transport Pro gives smaller companies the ability to accomplish functions like load and dispatch management, billing, settlements, fuel card management and safety. The system features an electronic image indexing module that integrates with Transflo and TripPak and other scanning solutions. Transport Pro submits factored invoices electronically to cut down on paper waste.

Companies can also communicate with driver through the software’s Qualcomm and MacroPoint interfaces. Transport Pro integrates with QuickBooks so that users can export accounting data. It also integrates with ProMiles which allows companies to calculate state-to-state mileage.

The small business version gives users access to Transport Pro Exchange which allows companies to search for loads and post empty trucks.

“Smaller trucking companies have been largely neglected by the TMS industry,” said Ryan Klockner, Transport Pro senior developer. “No other software company can offer the vast array of options that Transport Pro does for the price.”