EpicVue, providers of premium in-cab satellite TV for the trucking industry, now offers EpicVue inMotion, which allows one team driver to watch TV in the sleeper berth while the other is driving.

EpicVue inMotion also provides the capability to record a show while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the driver to enjoy a taped program during non-driving hours.

“The demand for EpicVue inMotion has been quite surprising, and not just for companies with team drivers,” said Lance Platt, CEO of EpicVue. “Giving drivers the ability to record any show they want, and not just when the truck is stopped, became a huge request from many of our customers. Making sure the DirecTV satellite is always in view no matter which direction the vehicle is moving was a technological challenge that we are pleased to have achieved."

The first fleet to test and install EpicVue inMotion is Titan Transfer, a Shelbyville, Tennessee-based truckload carrier with 550 tractors. Titan Transfer plans to outfit its entire fleet with EpicVue inMotion and is adding the systems at rate of about 60 vehicles per month.

“We started installing EpicVue two months ago to help improve driver retention and comfort, to make the truck more like a home away from home,” said Philip Edwards, president of Titan Transfer. “We elected to go with EpicVue inMotion because our team drivers prefer the ability to watch a show while one person is driving, while team and single drivers like being able to record whatever show they want and watch it later. It’s too early to measure the impact of in-cab satellite TV on our retention rate, but as word has spread we are getting multiple driver requests for the systems every day.”

EpicVue in-cab satellite TV systems, including an antenna, DVR and 24-inch flat screen TV, is offered for fleets with 20 or more vehicles for $49 per month under a five-year contract, or $59 monthly for a three-year contract. EpicVue inMotion is available for an additional $10 per month per vehicle.