The latest additions to Giti Tire (USA's) lineup include the GT Radial GDR619 regional drive tire for medium and light duty trucks, and the GAM835 mixed service tire designed for applications such as logging, mining, oil field, refuse, mixer and dump trucks.

The GT Radial GDR619 features a pattern designed with solid tread blocks and four longitudinal grooves for good traction and braking, along with improved vehicle stability and driver comfort, the company says. A new casing and footprint are designed to deliver good regular wear with high mileage potential. The tire’s modified bead construction is said to improve uniformity while being easier to mount.

The GDR619 is available in four sizes: 215/75R17.5 14 ply, 235/75R17.5 14 ply, 225/70R19.5 14 ply and 245/70R19.5 16 ply.

The on/off road GAM835 offers a new casing design along with optimized tread profile to provide an optimal footprint for improved wear, vehicle handling, traction and braking properties." says Giti Tire. A advanced anti-cut and anti-chip compound is said to offer better casing protection while increasing stability and driver comfort. A combined rib-and-lug tread pattern design provides higher resistance to tread tearing on aggressive road surfaces, according to the company.

The GAM835 is available in three popular sizes: 11R22.5 16 ply, 11R24.5 16 ply, and 315/80R22.5 20 ply (rated load 10,200 lb).

Both new products are backed by the company’s 72-month warranty from the date of manufacture. Giti Tire says 1st and 2nd casing values are among the best in the industry.