ARI is launching a suite of enhancements and new dashboards for the company’s insights fleet management system.

The new dashboards are customizable and designed to improve analytic capabilities and usability by placing greater emphasis on data visualization. Users will be able to customize their personalized dashboards with widgets that deliver content ranging from high-level overviews to in-depth analysis.

The dashboard store provides fleet personnel with popular dashboards currently in use while an interactive preview template allows users to drag and drop widgets from a variety of categories to deliver vital information to their fleet’s operations.

In addition to customizable dashboards, the update includes the ability to configure alert settings. Users can change colors from green to amber to red based on user-defined exception level changes. There is also an option to display links to all desktop intelligence reports currently available.

The new ARI insights dashboards and features will be introduced to ARI clients in a phased rollout in the coming weeks.