Kenworth’s TruckTech+ is a tool to enhance vehicle diagnostics by providing information on Paccar MX-13 engine health to fleet managers, drivers and dealers.

In addition to diagnosing the problem, the system provides recommended solutions to the driver and fleet manager. TruckTech+ notifications may include ‘keep driving,’ ‘no action required,’ ‘keep driving and have the fault addressed during the next service interval,’ head to a dealer for service ‘ or ‘pull over for service.’

If a customer needs to take the truck in for service, the system maps out the locations of the three closest repair facilities. The data is also sent to a secure web portal where a fleet manager can review the truck’s location, status, identified issue and recommended solution.

It is in production on new Kenworth Class 8 trucks specified with Paccar MX-13 engines. Every new Class 8 Kenworth with the MX-13 engine comes with a complimentary subscription to TruckTech+ as long as the truck is under the 2-year standard warranty. The subscription is also complimentary for customers who purchase extended warranties. Beyond the warranty period, Kenworth’s remote diagnostics tool can be maintained by subscription.