Cooper Tire & Rubber added a new size — 275/70R22.5 — to its Roadmaster RM230 HH tire line to meet the demands of severe-duty applications, such as logging and mining.

The Roadmaster RM230 HH tire is designed to withstand stone penetration, with an 18-ply rating, a tread depth of 22/32-inch, cut- and chip-resistant compounding, and an off-road design with lugs and a stone protector ledge. According to the company, the deeper tread will help reduce tire damage from off-road challenges, such as shot rock and tree roots, and the tire’s proprietary compounding helps reduce scrubbing once the tire is running on pavement.

“We’ve seen first hand in the field that when it comes to severe duty, loggers and miners put their trailer tires to the test, and as a result, tire life expectancy can be shortened,” said Gary Schroeder, Cooper’s Director of Commercial Vehicle and OEM Sales. “Our new RM230 HH has a very deep tread at 22/32, while most highway trailer tires are in the range of 12/32 to 16/32."

The RM230 HH also features a high-tensile strength four-belt package to help promote multiple retreads and comes with a six-year, two-retread warranty.