Vigillo announced that it has released the first of Athena’s second generation reporting tools to handle bigger data.

This new reporting tool is focused on DOT reportable crashes. Through a new reporting structure, customers will gain an enhanced Inspections and Violations report that will make available every reportable crash since 2009 for every DOT number operating in the U.S.

The new reporting tool will also allow customers to pivot their Athena Reports to filter the analysis by time, location, road conditions, drivers, ehicles, crash outcomes and other dimensions. Athena’s new features will allow the program to handle billions of rows of data to make more effective use of a huge volume of aggregated data for users.

“Spreadsheets are a great tool”, stated Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “But Excel only supports 1,048,576 rows, yet data is being streamed in to Athena by the tens of millions of records. Athena’s new reporting structure will handle billions of rows of data. Exploring Big Data has never been this easy.”