Fleetmatics introduced the Fleetmatics Routist service providing an intelligent routing solution for fleets in the field.

Fleetmatics Routist calculates and deploys route plans to drivers and features real-time and historical data to provide more comprehensive routing information.

The software takes locations, vehicles, time windows, technician skills and costs, and capabilities into consideration when designing a route. It also incorporates historical traffic data into its algorithm to create a more effective route for customers in metropolitan areas.

The service is offered to customers as an add-on module and integrates with the Fleetmatics Reveal fleet management solution which is currently available. Route planners can make adjustments to the plan based on their own business insight and deploy the changes to the field.

The route plans can be delivered to drivers through the Fleetmatics Reveal Field Application for smartphones, tablets, Garmin-integrated devices or on printed-out route sheets. Once a route is live, dispatchers and managers can view a driver’s progress in real-time on the Fleetmatics Reveal live map and make adjustments as needed.

At the end of the day, an analysis of the actual route versus planned route is available to compare the stops made by a driver against the work orders provided so managers can coach them toward improvement.

Fleetmatics Routist is scheduled to be available to customers in the summer.