TQL has released Carrier Dashboard 4.1, a mobile app for truckers with speak-and-search technology designed to help drivers save time in finding freight on the road.

The app features industry-specific vocabulary aimed at moving freight allowing drivers to search for loads with voice commands. Carrier Dashboard 4.1 is programmed to improve performance over time and learn to recognize regional accents and filter out ambient noise. Through frequent use, the app becomes more familiar with an individual driver.

The app also integrates with GPS tracking to yield better search results. With the voice command “Take me home,” the app will find them a load heading back to their hometown.

The app also includes features like automatic alerts when desired loads and lanes become available, document scanning and paperwork receipt status updates, and payment status updates.

“Technology is a serious competitive advantage,” said Kerry Byrne, TQL president. “The faster carriers can find our loads, the easier it is for us to satisfy our customers’ delivery requirements.”

Carrier Dashboard 4.1 is available for Apple and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play.