IMI has introduced Equal W, a new size of the Equal wheel balancer and vibration dampener specifically designed for wide-base tires.

Equal helps commercial trucking fleets save fuel and improve tire wear and Equal W allows fleets running wide-base tires to have the same benefits.

Fleets use wide-base tires to achieve weight reduction and potential fuel savings of 2% - 3%. Equal can benefit fleets by saving them an additional 2% in fuel economy by continuously balancing the entire wheel end when used in all wheel positions.

Equal is a dry, granular polymer that is placed inside the tire. The soft, plastic particles are continuously in motion when the tire is rolling. The particles automatically shift to lighter tread areas to offset uneven weight and keep the tire balanced.

Equal W is designed to be easy for fleets to install in wide base tires. Drop a bag in a wide-base tire during the mounting process. By continuously balancing, Equal will not only provide savings in fuel economy but also reduce irregular wear patterns that can cause premature tire takeoff.