Navman Wireless released the Drive suite of applications combining fleet management, communication, navigation, dispatching, and documentation systems into a single interface.

Drive is designed to streamline processes for drivers, dispatchers and the fleet. The app suite comes pre-installed on a 6-inch Garmin-supported Navman Wireless MNav-950 device and is fully integrated with the OnlineAVL2 GPS tracking software platform.

The MNav-950 has a capacitive touchscreen and was designed for durability and ease-of use.

"Businesses need a single platform to get real-time updates on daily jobs and driver activity,” said Sid Nair, director of group marketing and product management at Navman Wireless. “Drive empowers fleet vehicles to stay connected, focused, on time and safe."

The Navman Wireless Drive app suite features include:

Clear Navigation and Routing

Drive offers navigation and routing tools, allowing drivers to map job locations or other key landmarks from an interactive map screen. Managers can send routing information and updates directly to a driver's cab using their Navman Wireless OnlineAVL2 GPS fleet management software platform.

Voice-Activated and Voice-Guided Navigation

Drive's navigation feature includes built-in voice-activated and voice-guided assistance. Drivers can customize a keyword prompt and enter a destination using spoken commands. The navigation then maps the journey, using voice guidance for directions.

Two-Way Communication

Driver and dispatch two-way messaging keeps drivers connected and their managers updated, reducing dependency on email, texts and lengthy phone calls. All driver communication is managed through a single interface, directly from the inside of the vehicle.

Paperless, Customizable Forms

Using OnlineAVL2, fleet managers can create and customize digital forms and send them as messages to a driver's cab. Drivers can collect customer signatures; order details; see invoicing and more, eliminating paperwork and improving workflow.

Instant Signature Capture

The Signature Capture tool is available with the Forms messaging option and uses capacitive touch, enabling signature capture and delivery confirmations from the field.

Engine Monitoring System

Through OBD-II or J-Bus connection, Drive's EMS feature allows drivers to see engine parameters on their in-vehicle displays, such as speed, RPM, temperature, fuel, and oil pressure.

Trucking Attributes

Trucking Attributes helps commercial drivers find the safest routes, avoiding narrow roads, low underpasses and weight- and load-type restricted bridges. It also helps find trucking points of interest.