Convoy Technologies recently introduced its Videomatics video/telematics-based system to help improve driver safety and security.

The system integrates GPS and routing information with live and recorded video from both outside and inside the vehicle. The video can be accessed for playback via a number of devices, including smartphones, tables and desktop PCs.

The types of information the system captures includes speed, G-shock forces, location information, geofencing, route deviation and fleet positioning. The video can be configured for continuous recording, recording at scheduled times or set to record when triggered by an event.

The software uses a cloud-based platform and can be downloaded from the Apple app store. The system includes a digital video recorder, in-cab display monitor and up to 16 video cameras for placement within the cab or outside. Data is communicated via a built-in Ethernet, Wi-Fi module or a cellular modem. The video is stored locally and is accessible remotely via the cloud.

Pricing for the system is based on customer’s requirements with subscriptions starting at $59.00 per system. Hardware is additional. Convoy Technologies is based in Newport Beach, Calif.