Pressure Systems International and SkyBitz have teamed up to deliver real-time notifications of a tire inflation event. The companies say this information will improve tire maintenance by ensuring fleets are notified of a leaking tire so prompt action can be taken.

Delivered to joint customers through SkyBitz's InSight web application, maintenance managers will be notified of the particulars of an inflation event, triggered by the activation of PSI's automatic tire inflation system. Managers will be notified when the system comes on, which trailer was affected, its location and when the driver stopped to inspect the tire.

"Historically, it has been up to the driver to notify the fleet of a potential tire problem," says Al Cohn, director of New Market Development & Engineering at PSI. "By providing tire fault alerts into SkyBitz's system, customers can monitor tire pressure in real time and avoid costly roadside breakdowns."

When notified of a potential fault, managers can now direct drivers to a shop for maintenance or repairs, ensuring the problem is taken care of at the earliest opportunity.

"PSI and SkyBitz now allow our mutual customers to more closely monitor their trailer tires for optimized maintenance as part of our overall comprehensive asset management solution," says Henry Popplewell, senior vice president and general manager of SkyBitz.