Webasto’s Air Top Evo 40 and 55 are air heaters designed for heating cargo spaces in medium-duty commercial vehicles to keep sensitive cargo from freezing or getting too cold.

They can also be used to heat the work spaces in commercial vans.With its lower output the Evo 40 can also be used to safely provide extra heating power for Class 8 sleepers in extremely cold climates.

They both feature an automatic cold-start system which provides 10% more heating power to cabins and cargo spaces than previous models. The new Evo models are quieter and have lower power consumption due to new fuel pump design. The heaters are designed for continuous heating and can be combined in a modular fashion to heat larger areas if needed.

They have an automatic altitude adjustment for high elevations and are designed to maintain optimal operation up to elevations of 7,218 feet above sea level. 

The Air Top Evo 40 has a maximum heat output of 13,650 BTUs and the Evo 55 has a maximum output of 18,800 BTUs. Both heaters are available in diesel or gasoline models.