SAF Holland introduced its Holland Atlas FastGear landing gear for trailers. The FastGear features a faster cranking deployment and comes in two models with different load capacities.

The FastGear features a speed of 1.8 turns-per-inch of travel in high gear which SAF says is the fastest crank speed available. The speed increase can save minutes from a crank time says, SAF Holland, which can improve driver uptime.

The FastGear comes in two models:

The Atlas FastGear, which weighs 156 pounds and features a 140,000 pound load capacity and a 27,000 pound side-load capacity.

The Atlas FastGear HD, which weighs 182 pounds, with a 170,000 pound load capacity and a 34,000 pound side-load capacity.

Both models come with a standard SAF Holland 10-year NoLube Lifetime Warranty which covers defects in material and workmanship for as long as a customer owns the trailer. NoLube uses a sealed grease tube that surrounds the elevating screw, coating it when the leg is raised or lowered.

 A FloatingNut protects the gear from damage during excessive side loading and a Twin-Bulkhead  placed above and below the FloatingNut increases structural resistance to side-load force when gear are fully extended.

The Atlas FastGear is comes standard with a RCF removable cushion foot or an optional low profile RCF.