Galbreath launched the M6-250 Series roll-off trailer designed to be lightweight and handle heavy loads like scrap and construction materials.

The trailer weighs 15,650 pounds and features a shorter overall length for improved maneuverability while still maintaining a GVWR of 72,500 pounds. It also has a containers size capacity of up to 30 feet.

The M6-250 is available in outside rail, extendable tail, inside/outside rail and deadlift configurations. The trailer features two telescoping lift cylinders for better stability when lifting heavy loads. It also has a lower trailer height to accommodate taller containers than a standard trailer.

The M6-250 was designed with built-in safety and ease of operation features. There is a Plug n’ Play wiring system that prevents crossed wires, loose connections, corrosion and splices. It has an automatic front container spring-loaded locking system and rear container hold-downs to keep containers secure.

The trailer also has dual safety props for extra security when the hoist is in the up position. It has seven rollers per side to guide containers while being loaded and unloaded and two cylinders mounted on the outside of the rails to provide added stability with heavy containers. The rollers are equipped with bearing and grease fittings for improved rolling and maintenance.

Available options for the M6-250 series trailer include tarping systems, aluminum wheels, outboard supported rollers, auto grease system, auto air inflation system, air ride suspension, tire carriers, rear wing plates, and toolboxes.

The Galbreath M6-250 series roll-off trailer is available through Galbreath’s North American dealer network.