Aljex's new Capacity Hub software tool allows brokers to search online for trucks and gauge spot availability.

Capacity Hub gives brokers an option to fill their capacity needs by getting a jump on available equipment rather than posting a load and waiting for a response. A broker can access data provided by various carriers for available or soon-to-be available trucks.

“By searching for equipment proactively rather than waiting for carrier responses, a broker can gain an edge over the competition by booking equipment before anyone else,” said Tom Heine, CEO of Aljex.

On the Capacity Hub page, a broker enters the origin point of a load. Capacity Hub displays all available or soon-to-be available options in three ways:

  1. Lists available trucks and includes the mileage between an individual truck and the pickup point.
  2. Shows trucks and the pickup point on Google maps.
  3. A bulls-eye graphic that breaks down available trucks by miles from the pickup that conveys a sense of that geographic spot market.

Carrier truck locations in Capacity Hub can come from fleets that regularly work with a broker or 3PL and provide data through Aljex. They can also be from major fleets that have established working relationships with Aljex, including a well-known private fleet with more than 10,000 power units.

“The capacity crunch has changed the broker landscape - the way things were done in the past,” said Heine. “We’re providing Aljex customers with a way to deal with the new realities and to succeed.”