Wix Filters has launched a new proactive molecular hydraulic oil water absorber that offers ongoing protection from all forms of water including bound, free and emulsified.

The absorber tethers to the inside of a filler cap for easy installation and for when the device exceeds 300 PPM and needs to be removed. When adding the product to a hydraulic oil tank, there needs to be free and clear access through the tank opening of 1.25 inches or greater, according to Wix.

The product also neutralizes acids that cause metal surface corrosion and rust. It absorbs peroxides that lead to the oxidation of oil and degradation of rubbers. It stops metal pitting and oil viscosity variance issues and stops hydrolysis in synthetic esters. The absorber also contains bacteria and algae contamination.

The absorber is available to treat 20-, 40-, and 60-gallon tank sizes. Wix says under heavy equipment use or high humidity, the water absorber should be replaced every 30 days, but can be extended to 120 days if use is more intermittent. If the absorber is only being stored, it should be replaced annually.

“It goes without saying that water is the enemy of fuel and oil systems,” said Donald Chilton, vice president of product management. “We set out to create something that would prevent the water problem before it starts, and this product does just that.”