A new 2015 limited-edition calendar from Western Star features the theme, “Tough Challenges vs. Tougher Trucks."

The calendar incorporates illustrations from artists Eric Larsen (Portland, Ore.) and Kyle Raetz (Mason, Mich.), and design studio ilovedust (London, England) to showcase, in an artistically stylized way, that a Western Star truck can handle anything thrown at it. The conceptualized scenarios range from straightforward to more abstract.

For example, April 2015 features a 4900SB equipped with a Detroit DD16 engine that transports booster rockets which weigh nearly 200,000 pounds empty and are 149 feet long. Western Star’s newest truck – the 5700XE – is prominently featured in the calendar paired against challenges such as “bean counters” and weigh stations, showcasing the aerodynamic benefits and weight advantages of the truck.   

The “Tough Challenges vs. Tougher Trucks” can be ordered through the Western Star website at www.WesternStar.com or through a Western Star dealer.