Mettler Toledo released DataBridge MS, a version of its family of weighing software that connects to multiple vehicle scales to simplify complex weighing transactions and provide analysis of that data. DataBridge MS is designed to meet the transaction management needs of large and growing businesses.

The software supports multi-directional weighing, traffic controls, status alerts and unattended scales, and allows the user to control multiple vehicle scales. It comes with definable user roles, custom transaction criteria, and add-on modules that allow the software to adapt to organizational needs. Mettler Toledo says there will be regular updates for the product.

“One of the main benefits of DataBridge software is that it is extremely easy to use,” said Santosh Nachu, product manager at Mettler Toledo. “We created a clean, highly graphical interface that is designed to be intuitive.”

With customizable user roles, scale operators, operations managers, finance controllers, IT departments and company executives can all access the information that they need in real-time.