The latest version of Teletrac’s Fleet Director software adds improvements for mobility, mapping, business and safety analytics.

“In the current climate, businesses have the ability to achieve high levels of profitability and growth with the help of an advanced fleet management platform,” said Tony Eales, president of Teletrac. “The latest version of Fleet Director churns millions of data transactions daily, providing vital information to help meet company goals.”

One significant addition to Fleet Director is mobility. Fleet Director can be used from any mobile device or browser to allow fleet managers to use it in the office or in the field.

“The added flexibility of using modern devices to do business has increased productivity while also adding expectation from customers,” said Sid Nair, Director of Product Management.

The latest update also adds more features for tracking driver and vehicle data so businesses can better manage things like fuel costs, engine performance and deliveries. Safety data such as speeding, harsh braking and violations can also be tracked to  show fleet managers how safe a is operating his vehicle.

Integration with Google Maps allows managers to use Fleet Director to pinpoint their drivers using Google Street View to give a full picture of where a driver is.

“Businesses are equipped with the actionable data necessary to cultivate and develop their company on multiple levels and gain a competitive advantage in their market,” said Eales.