Winegard is partnering with DAS Distributing to sell its portable satellite and broadcast TV antennas at Travel Centers of America locations and other independent stores aimed at professional truck drivers. The antennas will be available at more 500 truck stops, the company says.

“Winegard’s commitment to quality and ease-of-use is reflected in all of our trucking products and we’re thrilled to bring our collection to a top travel stop network,” said Erik Guldager, truck market sales manager for Winegard. “Our antennas can make life on the road enjoyable by offering more entertainment options with satellite or over-the-air TV on-the-go”

Winegard is selling several different models including the Pathway X1, Carryout G2, Rayzar Amplified, and Rayzar Mini.

The Pathway X1 is a portable satellite dish that works with Dish Network. It fits into the cab of a truck or mounted in a window. A Dish ViP 211z receiver is included with the X1 and comes with 30 days of programming free without a contract.

The Carryout G2 works with Dish and DirecTV and is compatible with most receivers according to Winegard.  The Carryout and Pathway have several mounting options for purchase from Winegard including a window mount, roof kit mount and a rear cab mount.

The Rayzar Amplified picks up local HD television signals and comes in a compact and sleek design that can be installed on the inside of a truck window with a suction cup. The Rayzar Mini has many of the features of the Rayzar Amplified but weighs only 5.44 ounces and has a smaller footprint.

The Pathway X1 is being sold for $549, the Carryout G2 costs $649, the Rayzar Amplified retails for $89.99 and the Rayzar Mini is $39.99.