Meritor's 17X EVO axle for linehaul applications, originally designed for 4x2 applications in Europe, will be introduced in North America for the 6x2 segment.

The 17X EVO is built with advanced manufacturing technologies for greater durability and substantial reductions in fuel consumption, according to the company.

“We engineered the 17X EVO to be compact and lightweight, but with expanded capacity for 50-ton payloads and superfast ratios to deliver further fuel economy,” said Marco Bassi, senior director, engineering and product strategy for Meritor. “This natural evolution of our 17X axle offers the right solution to meet the evolving needs of customers in many vocations both in Europe and in North and South America.”

The 17X EVO’s high-density design for engines up to 540 horsepower and 2600 Nm torque includes a driver-controlled curvic differential lock that engages at varying speeds to achieve maximum traction in unfavorable driving conditions or on rough roads. It is also engineered to reduce power loss in axles due to gear and bearing friction and oil churning.

Advanced features include an electronically controlled differential lock as well as lube level control to further improve fuel efficiency.

The 17X EVO is available with a cast or stamped housing. Meritor uses laser welding to join the axle’s drive gears with differentials to deliver higher torque, ensure the gears mesh better for a 30% increase in durability, and reduce oil splash.