MacroPoint’s shipment tracing software tracks brokered assets in transit without the need of a smartphone app and bypasses the necessity of using a carrier with in-cab tracking hardware.

The software works with any cell phone, even a flip phone, allowing MacroPoint to provide real-time tracking of the load to any device. 

“As customers continue to embrace our solution, it is becoming increasingly clear that the software eliminates the real-time visibility pain points today’s brokers, 3PLs and shippers encounter every day,” said Dan Cicerchi, vice president at MacroPoint.

MacroPoint’s software comes with several features for customers including:

  • Off Schedule Dashboard: An automated system that tells customers which loads are on schedule, behinds schedule or in trouble.
  • Breadcrumb Mapping: MacroPoint will map the exact path a shipment has taken during transit.
  • Automated Arrival and Departure Alerts: Using geo-fencing, MacroPoint sends updates as shipments are leaving or arriving.
  • Real-Time Tracking Updates: Compatible with single and multi-stop shipments, the software delivers third-party validated tracking updates.
  • Compatibility: Works with any cell phone, including smartphones and flip phones.

MacroPoint integrates with the fleet management services of several TMS software providers including McLeod Software, MercuryGate and TMW Systems. By integrating with the software that shippers and brokers already use to manage freight, MacroPoint can deliver accurate information for customers.