The AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe tracks cargo remotely and allows companies to see the condition and location of shipments in near real-time.

To track a package or shipment, pack in the FlightSafe tracker and it will broadcast its location at all times, even at high altitudes. The tracker can also monitor the status of a shipment for fragile or valuable goods. The information is synced with AT&T’s Cargo Safe tracking software for viewing online.

“Companies that transport materials such as medical supplies, electronics and mechanical parts can rely on AT&T Cargo view with FlightSafe to accurately report the location and condition of their shipment,” said Abhi Ingle, senior vice president at AT&T Business Solutions.

The trackers are safe for aircraft and can be used regardless of transit mode. Air Canada, Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, UPS and others have approved the device for use on their aircraft, says AT&T.

The FlightSafe tracker monitors, records and transmits data about:

  • Location: Using GPS, the service pinpoints the location of cargo as the aircraft lands so shippers can better support delivery and logistics scheduling.
  • Temperature: It can view temperature levels of sensitive cargo such as foods, pharmaceuticals and other perishables.
  • Pressure: Monitor items that are more susceptible to pressure changes at different altitudes such as medical supplies and thin glass.
  • Light: Send an alert to logistics managers that light is detected inside of a container which might signal that the cargo was opened in transit.
  • Shock: To check whether fragile items are handled with care.

The trackers are powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-11 days between charges depending on use. They come in a rugged design and are made with fire retardant plastic.