SAN DIEGO -- Freight business process outsourcing company DDC FPO said it is launching a new back office freight billing system. It made the announcement Saturday, prior to the start of the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition.

ICapture for Freight Billing is the company’s latest addition to its suite of offerings that it says use context-based technology to eliminate human error.

The software captures data from critical fields that other solutions do not, according to the company, such as cash on delivery, hazardous material details, accessorials and hand-written information.

The program is 100% customizable and “grows smarter with every bill of lading it processes, allowing for significantly enhanced quality in overall business process management, as well as scaleability and accelerated turnaround time,” the company said.

According to DDC FPO, iCapture users will find:

  • Reductions in manual entry by 80% from the beginning
  • $0 capital investment
  • No intensive IT setup
  • Intelligent learning of data sets, ensuring only improvement in accuracy rates
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Exports to any client-preferred system
  • Unique visibility reports