Carrier Transicold’s new Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels can be installed on the roof of a trailer or truck to continuously charge transport refrigeration unit batteries.

The solar panel was designed to meet the demands of a TRU battery which is often tasked with powering things like telematics, fuel-level sensors and interior trailer lighting.

“Refrigerated fleet demands for value-added electrical loads have increased in recent years, tapping refrigeration system batteries to power additional electronics,” said Jason Forman, marketing manager at Carrier.

When a TRU has not operated for a while and these devices are continuing to draw from the TRU battery, its charge might become too low to start the engine.

“Solar panels can offset the draw from accessory electrical devices while the TRU is off, significantly reducing callout charges related to the battery,” said Forman.

Carrier Transicold solar panels provide up to 1.8 amps per hour and are compatible with 12-volt wet cell and absorbent glass mat batteries. It weighs less than two pounds and measures less than one-eighth of an inch thick. The standard panel’s dimensions are 26 by 41 inches and can be installed where there is a wide, flat roof. A rail optimized version measures 14 by 80 inches and is more suited to narrow corrugated roofs.