MiX Telematics has upgraded the MiX Vision in-cab video system to incorporate audio, infrared recording and a 3G cellular connection to improve clarity on incidents. MiX is rolling out the upgraded system internationally and it will be coming to the U.S. in the coming months.

“More information and higher quality footage allows fleet managers to make more informed decisions around incidents that involve their vehicles,” said Charles Tasker, COO of MiX. “The solution places operators at the scene enabling them to improve safety and lessen their business risk.”

MixVision is a two-camera system mounted to a truck’s windshield that records the road ahead and the driver. The tamper-proof cameras record footage on a 72-hour rolling buffer and fleet managers have access to the footage at the end of each completed trip.

MiX Vision also integrates with MiX Telematics fleet management software, which triggers an automatic upload of a high-resolution video clip when an incident occurs.