HANOVER -- TRW’s new steering technologies, ReAX and ActivMode, are designed to improve control and stability in power steering and reduce power consumption in commercial vehicles.

These technologies were announced at the IAA Commercial Vehicles event in Hanover, Germany.

ReAX is a merging of hydraulic power steering and electrical power steering technologies to reduce steering effort at low speeds but improve stability at high speeds. ReAX will also enable driver assist systems such as lane departure warning and lane keeping assist.

The ActivMode technology uses a dual mode flow to match steering system flow demand for a vehicle at idle and cruising speed. At low engine speeds ActivMode allows a full flow from the hydraulic pump to meet the demand of the steering system. At cruising speed, when steering needs less assistance, the system reduces pump action and improves power consumption.

ActivMode will be able to save about 53 gallons of fuel per 62,000 miles, says TRW. TRW estimates that ReAX will be ready for production in 2017 and ActivMode will be ready for production by 2016.