Aljex Software released Event Manager, a software tool that enables brokers and dispatchers to resolve open questions and unsettled issues with any shipment.

Even Manager allows users to proactively notify everyone involved in the shipping process when a load or shipment has an outstanding issue. When an item is flagged with an issue, the reason for it is entered, along with contact information and email addresses for everyone involved.

Once the flagged issue is saved, an email is sent to those contacts that were entered. Until the issue is cleared, it will show up in the Event screen, which pops up any time that shipment is accessed within the system. This keeps everyone aware of a problem until somebody takes care of it.

“The active communication of Event Manager puts everyone involved in a load or shipment issue on the same page," explains Tom Heine, Aljex CEO. "They are all aware of a problem or special requirement, what question needs to be answered and what preparation needs to be made."

The Event Manager came about as a result of customer requests and ideas and is available for any Aljex customer to use.

Aljex Software makes cloud-based software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Their clients include freight brokers, rail intermodal, airfreight forwarders, container draymen and logistics companies.