Quantum Fuel Systems and Mainstay Fuel Technologies will begin offering back-of-cab compressed natural gas systems for heavy duty trucks as part of an alliance between the two companies.

The back-of- cab CNG system will integrate Quantum’s 21 inch diameter tanks with Mainstay’s module designs and will be capable of incorporating as many as five of Quantum’s Q-Lite tanks. Quantum says this system will provide significant weight savings over competing 21 inch systems.

The 21 inch back-of-cab system will offer capacities of 28 DGE, 56 DGE, 112 DGE and 142 DGE, which Quantum says makes them effective solutions for fleets traveling shorter distances such as refuse and beverage fleets. The company says that the system is also ideal for applications that require back-of cab systems for under window use.

“Mainstay offers Quantum the immediate opportunity to complement our emerging 25 inch Q-Rail and Q-Cab module lines with an established 21 inch diameter system utilizing our light-weight tank technology,” said Brain Olson, president and CEO of Quantum.

Mainstay says it sees the relationship between the two companies as an opportunity to strengthen product offerings and co-develop future CNG system projects.