Stertil-Koni has announced that adjustable forks will come standard on all ST 1805 mobile column lifts.

The change comes to both standard and wide-fork models. Previously on the ST 1805, fixed forks were standard and adjustable forks were optional.

Stertil-Koni says it is the first lift manufacturer to make adjustable forks standard on wide-fork mobile column lifts.

Adjusting the forks doesn’t require any lifting or pushing and it can be shifted to accommodate tire size.

The ST 1805 has a lifting capacity of 18,500 pounds per column. Each column is equipped with a control box to enable the columns to operate individually, in pairs or as a complete set. The columns are all interchangeable and can be used at multiple locations.

It is also one of the fastest mobile lifting columns, according to the company, taking only 94 seconds to reach the maximum lifting height of 73 inches.