Rand McNally's new TrueTrack service is a web-based solution for improving driver safety, enhancing customer service and reducing fuel usage.

TrueTrack makes use of Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute navigation software to help fleet managers control the in-cab routing experience which can improve operational efficiency and cost savings.

TrueTrack is designed to work with Rand McNally's TPC 7600 and the TND 760 in-cab devices and is available through the company's Connect web portal. All current customers with Connect log-ins will have access to it.

Using TrueTrack, fleet managers can see vehicle locations and set navigation parameters for an individual vehicle or group of vehicles. These set parameters are then sent to the fleet through the Connect portal or the TPC 7600 and TND 760. Fleet managers can also use TrueTrack to get estimated times of arrival.

Through TrueTrack, fleet managers can specifically set and manage proactive driver alerts which warn of approaching road conditions, speed limit changes, toll roads, sharp curves or steep declines.

Locations can be uploaded to TrueTrack from a spreadsheet and sent to each vehicle where drivers can quickly select the destination from a full company directory.

Route settings can be adjusted by type of vehicle including route restrictions for 53-foot trailers, 48-foot trailers, double, triple and straight truck configurations. They may be configured for hazmat routes, avoiding tolls or shortest and fastest routes.

Fleet managers can also monitor travel and arrival times as well as the hours of service of the driver. The same information is shared with drivers and dispatchers to cut down on confusion and synchronize arrival times.