ALK Technologies announced that its ALK Maps and PC*Miler web services products are now available with J.J. Keller’s Encompass with E-Logs premium edition online fleet management dashboard.

Encompass with E-Logs premium edition collects data from J.J. Keller’s electronic logging device and its KellerMobile application, which runs on most mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The application provides fleet managers with information including E-logs, and monitoring of fuel use, speed, braking and GPS location.

The addition of ALK Maps and PC*Miler web services adds a cloud-based mapping platform, ALK said, that provides visualization of routing and mapping. The company also noted that cloud-based applications can reduce a fleet’s IT hardware and software costs.

The mapping feature is designed to give fleet managers a visual overview of their fleet – with each vehicle identified on a map. A mouse hover over a vehicle icon provides more detailed information about that vehicle, including unit number, driver name, speed, address location and date/time last update received. Clicking on a specific unit will display the route the driver has driven.

The company said PC*Miler’s web services can automatically generate trip reports to aid in fuel tax reporting.

J.J. Keller says it expects to offer additional ALK applications as part of its fleet management offerings.