Vigillo has partnered with U.S. Legal Services to add a new premium channel to its Athena business intelligence platform.

The new channel will include data from U.S. Legal Services on adjudicated CSA violations. U.S. Legal Services, based in Jacksonville, Fla., provides legal services to drivers who pay a monthly fee for the service.

Guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration permit adjudicated violations to be removed from driver and carrier CSA scores. The new channel shows where such violations have been successfully removed.

In a press release announcing the new channel, Steve Bryan, Vigillo’s CEO said that each state handles violations and citations differently. “Athena’s new U.S. Legal Services channel had data that can help a carrier know how each court is resolving driver citations related to their CSA and MVR.

Beginning Aug. 23, motor carriers and drivers will be able to request through FMCSA’s DataQ system that violations or citations that have been dismissed in court, or where the driver was found not guilty, be dismissed in court, according to Anne-Marie Hulsey, U.S. Legal Services’ director of business development.

The new channel is available to Athena subscribers for a premium channel fee. The channel’s dashboards show the disposition of driver citations by state, county, violation type, CSA/MVR, fine reduction, and time to disposition. Also included is a Dashboard revealing where others have been successful with DataQ challenges by violation type and location.