Watson & Chalin announced an expedited shipping program, X-Trac, that allows customers to order up to three lift axles for shipping from a number of strategic locations throughout North America, with an expected delivery time of 48-72 hours.

“In this time-sensitive world there is a need to have products readily available without the hassle of inventorying the product, and X-Trac is designed to help meet those needs and more,” said Keith Rhodes, director of sales and marketing. 

Freight at reduced rates is prepaid and added to an invoice. All prooducts shipped through X-Trac are backed by a five-year warranty.

Under X-Trac, the company is stocking quantities of Tru-Trac family steerable products, SL8K-0993, SL13K-1195 and SL20K-2065, and the Atlas non-steer AL20K-2200.