Accuride now offers a specially treated rim that reduce the rim-flange wear seen in heavy-haul, shifting-load and frequent stop-start applications. Accu-Flange wheels feature a protective treatment applied to the surfaces of the wheel flange most prone to wear.

Shifting cargo weight creates friction between the tire wall and the wheel flange. Abrasion gradually erodes the flange surface, forming sharp edges that can damage the tires and make replacement a necessity, Accuride says.

The protective treatment bonds to the aluminum substrate, forming a barrier that reduces abrasion between the tire wall and wheel rim. As a result, Accu-Flange extends wheel service life for fleets that carry heavy loads and loads that are prone to shifting, such as lumber, metals, gravel, liquids and even passengers. The company says it also is ideal for fleets that make frequent stops and starts – such as transit or refuse applications – and for use in gritty operating environments that accelerate flange wear.

“Our new Accu-Flange wheels feature a tough protective coating that reduces flange wear and extends service life for miles and miles," says Accuride president & CEO, Rick Dauch. "By lowering wheel and tire replacement costs, Accu-Flange helps fleets and owner-operators maximize their maintenance budgets.”

Accuride says Accu-Flange available for many of its popular aluminum wheels ranging from the 19.5 x 7.5-inch 40160 to the 24.5 x 8.25-inch 40550 models, which have maximum loads per wheel of 6,700 pounds and 12,800 pounds, respectively.

Accu-Flange wheels are available in three finishes, SP (standard polish), XP (extra polish) and the Accu-Armor finishes. The Accu-Flange treatment is warranted for two years from the date of manufacture.