Talbert Manufacturing introduces its 75-ton 3+3+3 E3Nitro spread axle trailer, designed especially for Bill Miller Equipment and sold by Hale Trailer.  

This 75-ton trailer is a breakthrough in East Coast-style trailer design, according to the company. Traditionally, East Coast trailers have been limited to 65-ton capacities, but by incorporating the new Talbert E3Nitro axle extension (nitrogen-assisted dampening system), Talbert can offer trailer capacities up to 85 tons.

In the past, a West Coast trailer was necessary to haul loads that weighed more than 65 tons. However, the trailer’s versatility was limited because the West Coast style only allowed it to be used alone or as a 3+3 spread axle. When using the new Talbert E3Nitro, an East Coast trailer can be used as a 3-, 4- or 5-axle close couple trailer or in 3+1, 3+2 or 3+3 spread axle configurations.

In terms of specifications, the Talbert 75-ton trailer consists of a 3-axle jeep dolly (a 2-axle jeep with a pin-on 3rd axle), a 3-axle trailer with a flip-under gooseneck extension and an E3Nitro with three removable flip axles. In addition to the best-in-class E3Nitro, the trailer features a high 3-axle jeep and a new lower profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck. Working closely with Bill Miller Equipment and Hale Trailer, Talbert selected the high jeep to maximize trailer weight distribution and minimize overall length so the trailer meets single escort requirements. Talbert also enhanced the contour of its standard gooseneck to give it a lower profile so the trailer can transport large front-end loaders more easily.

The jeep dolly, which is equipped with DuraBrite outer aluminum wheels, takes roughly half the weight of the load off of the tractor and spreads it over three additional axles. When the trailer is empty, the dolly can be disconnected and hauled on the trailer so a permit may not be necessary.

Talbert enhanced its high jeep gooseneck design to a new lower profile version by adjusting the hydraulics. The new design is sloped to maintain a lower contour, and a heavy-duty, recessed steel plate forms a well in the top of the gooseneck for resting equipment arms such as loader booms. The gooseneck scales weight very well and features an extension that can be flipped under to shorten the trailer when it’s empty or when the jeep dolly is not being used.

Behind the trailer, the E3Nitro distributes weight to the rear axle group. By using a nitrogen accumulator, the E3Nitro dampens axle movement and controls load transfer. The E-Nitro series enables Talbert to offer increased capacities well beyond what can be achieved with simple mechanical or rigid axle extensions. The series also incorporates a two-speed dual landing gear for greater stability when the E3Nitro is disconnected from the trailer.