Next week Centrad will launch RedCam. RedCam is a new CCTV and mobile recording system for all commercial vehicles. RedCam is a reverse-front-side safety camera system, which can record up to four cameras simultaneously.

RedCam uses the latest high-speed high capacity SD memory cards to securely record video. Video is recorded continuously and additionally any video linked to alarms or incidents is recorded in a second, highly secure storage location.   Alarm and incident triggered video is stored in an additional second memory card vault. This ensures that incident related video is available for weeks or even months. There are also on-line 3G and wifi options available.

Installing RedCam can help in reducing fraudulent accident claims, vehicle damage, load theft and vandalism for a business. The mobile recording system also has a record in improving driver performance, load safety, reversing safety, cyclist and pedestrian safety and proof of delivery accuracy.