IdleAir will be rolling out the recently established integration of the company's Convoy Points loyalty program with Pilot Flying J's MyRewards program. IdleAir's 40,000-plus active customers (including professional drivers from more than 600 fleets) have accrued over 15,000,000 Convoy Points, which will shortly be fully convertible into drivers' existing MyRewards member accounts.

IdleAir also introduced the Reset Special to help drivers meet the evolving requirements of the hours-of-service rules. The Reset Special allows drivers to enjoy the Premium Service offering for up to 40 hours for a flat rate of $50 (plus tax). The Reset Special helps drivers save even more money while meeting their reset requirements. This offering complements the ConvoyTV+Power offering, which was introduced in 2013.

For drivers with Android-equipped smartphones, the company now has a cool IdleAir app, which helps drivers find locations, quickly check account balances and redeem Convoy Points.

The IdleAir app adds to the company's existing smartphone capabilities that already enable customers to set thermostat levels and change TV channels inside their cabs.