Omnitracs, the fleet mobile communications provider, announced the availability of tire pressure monitoring, trailer tire inflation alerts and fuel applications to its MPC 50 line of in-cab devices.

The tire pressure monitoring applications give fleets a more proactive way of monitoring tire maintenance. The MCP user interface displays a graphical tire health indicator that codes the severity of problems making it easier to identify which tires need attention. The application also notifies back-office personnel of tire problems with configurable alert notifications that allow fleet to determine which events are critical or non-critical.

The exact fuel application monitors and transmits fuel level details, including time and location, directly to fleet managers, allowing them to better plan fuel stops based on fuel usage available fueling facilities.

Omnitracs also announced that Telogis’s NaviGo 5.1 in-cab navigation application would be available on its MCP200 and MCP 110 platforms.

NaviGo provides truck-specific navigation information in the cab and the recent enhancements include driver alters that notify drivers when they have entered a pre-determined location, speed alerts that give driver pop-up notification when they exceed the posted speed limit and lane guidance that provides drivers with more detailed screen visuals of complex highway exit, interchanges and junctions which makes it easier for the driver to find the correct lane.