A new ambient lighting package is available for certain sleepers on Peterbilt’s 579 and 567 road and vocational tractors, the company says. The package features LED bulbs for longer life and reduced power consumption.

LED light has a softer, more relaxing illumination compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, said Robert Woodall, director of sales and marketing.

“We want customers to maximize their time in the sleeper, whether it’s for rest or work,” he said. “Our new ambient lighting package gives operators more control over light intensity with dimmable, indirect lighting – it’s optimized for outstanding coverage and can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the driver.”

Point lighting is carefully positioned in the sleeper work space and the central floor area of the cab. Dimmable lights are located in the upper back wall and foot well areas of the sleeper.

The ambient lighting package is available for the Models 579 and 567 equipped with 72- and 80-inch Platinum sleepers.

More information is available at www.peterbilt.com.