MATS, LOUISVILLE -- Continental has rounded out its next generation of long haul, low rolling resistance EcoPlus truck tires by adding a new steer and all-position tire. The Conti EcoPlus HS3 offers a 10% reduction in rolling resistance as well as a 125 increase in mileage over the previous generation long haul steer tire.

<p><strong>Conti Hybrid HS3</strong></p>

Advances include an advanced decoupler groove design and a “flap style” stone bumper system – both of which result in advanced life and retreadability. The Conti EcoPlus HS3 comes to market in early summer in size 295/75R22.5, load range H construction with 19/32” tread depth and Continental’s Visual Alignment Indicator system.

Another steer tire will be seen for the first time at Mid-America with the launch of the Conti Hybrid HS3, a steer and all-position tire for the combined regional and long haul segment. Available now in size 295/75R22.5 and load range H, the Conti Hybrid HS3 bridges the performance gap for fleets who need to use the same trucks for both long haul and regional routes without changing the tires.

The Conti Hybrid HS3 offers an application-specific compound for fuel efficiency and mileage, along with the integrated durability features of Continental’s third generation casing design and the VAI alignment indicators.

<p><strong>Conti TerraPlus HD3</strong></p>

Seen for the first time at Mid-America, the Conti TerraPlus HD3 is an off-road drive tire product for the high traction needs of construction vehicles, work trucks and heavy commercial pickups. A specialized, aggressive tread pattern with open shoulder, 19/32nds tread depth and an off-road belt package are the hallmarks of this tire, designed especially for the North American market. Conti TerraPlus HD3 also features chip and chunk resistant compounding and a deep lug pattern for optimal traction in off-road, mud and gravel conditions.