MATS, LOUISVILLE -- Heil Trailer International launched into the stainless steel segment with a line of general chemical tank trailers that are built with a focus on quality and performance.

The new stainless steel technology provides custom-developed, ultra-high-definition laser cutting for a tighter barrel fit-up and size-optimized, laser-welded barrel joints that ensure little to no grinding or post-processing after fit-up, which creates ultra-clean interiors and maximizes durability, regardless of the product.

In the near future, the new stainless steel technology will offer up to 3-A sanitary compliance, the highest of sanitary standards for critical food grade and other material requirements.  

Heil Trailer also introduced larger capacities to its dry bulk portfolio, allowing customers more options when it comes to the type of commodities they transport. The ultra-cleanable 1611 trailer will be introduced for the food grade industry.