TCA, GRAPEVINE, TX – LinkeDrive, Boston, introduced its Driver and Truck Analytics (DATA) cloud-based application that the company said would allow fleets to attain better fuel efficiency and improved safety.

According to Jeff Baer, founder and CEO, the key features of the DATA application is the depth and immediacy of information fleet managers can obtain. The company's PedalCoach product serves as the conduit for information that is captured in the vehicle and transmitted to DATA in the cloud. PedalCoach, introduced in 2013, measures and coaches drivers for safe and fuel-efficient driving.

The DATA application analyzes and presents the information to fleet managers through a configurable dashboard. The mapping support provided by DATA allows fleet managers to see how each vehicle and driver is performing while moving down the road. DATA also tracks performance across a fleet by fleet segment.

It features comparative reporting capabilities and drill-down capabilities to track detailed information. The information obtained can be used to score drivers across a fleet with fair, normalized scoring. Drivers see the score at the end of each trip on the Pedal Coach app.

The information can be used to test various vehicle configurations and aerodynamic equipment so fleets can make better spec'ing decisions.

The DATA platform also enables LinkeDrive to administer a driver rewards program using a driver's LinkeDrive score.