TCA, GRAPEVINE, TX – TripPak Services announced the release of version 7 of TripPak Mobile, a mobile app that allows drivers to scan and send documents using their mobile phone.

The updated version has a new interface that requires fewer steps to scan documents.

Image enhancement tools include auto focus and auto cropping features and a document scoring, which will reject images that are blurry. According to Jason Chaffe, division vice president, the feature ensures drivers capture quality images every time.

Images are recorded by document type which allows custom indexing. The app also includes signature-capture features and built in load tracking.

TripPak also announced the availability of customized home screens which display a fleet’s logo or other information.

The new version is available for iOS or Android smart phones and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. TripPak also offers 100% driver support so drivers can call them with problems rather than the fleet.