TMC, NASHVILLE -- The company known for its diesel particulate filter theft prevention system, FuelDefend USA, now offers two products to protect onboard liquids.

Locking DEF tank caps can prevent accidental or intentional contamination of diesel exhaust fluid with diesel fuel. According to FuelDefend, the cost of contamination incident can be as high as $2,500 or more.

"There's a real need to secure your onboard DEF supply from contamination," says David Rogers, General Manager, FuelDefend USA. "Mixing even a very small quantity of diesel fuel with DEF can cause serious damage to the exhaust aftertreatment system. Looking the DEF tank filler cap can prevent intentional contamination, while lessening the chances of accidental contamination by users not familiar with DEF, such as in rental fleets."

The non-corrodible locking caps feature Zamac-coated locks that can be keyed alike for fleet applications. BluLock caps are available in two styles that fit Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Western Star, Autocar, Ottawa, Tico, Spartan, Blue Bird, and certain Ford models, as well as Volvo, Mack, Navistar and Case products. Rogers says the caps are similar in price to original equipment non-locking caps.


FuelDefend also offers a line of anti-siphon fuel tank filler-neck guards called NeckIt. The NeckIt guards are short enough to prevent siphoning of the upper levels of the tank when the tank is full, and they are easy to install by press-fitting with a locking ring or using the optional (supplied) set screws.

"The biggest problem we see is not theft of the whole tank of fuel, but skimming, where 20-50 gallons are stolen in just a few minutes," notes Rogers. "Unfortunately, these incidents often go unnoticed by the fleet or owner-operator because quantities are small. Fuel management systems might pick this up as poor fuel economy, maybe 2-4% of fuel consumption. It's significant, but perhaps not enough to alert you to a theft problem."

NeckIt has a flow rate of 50 gallons per minute, so high-speed pumps won't be a problem, but they resist the insertion of siphon hoses down to 1/4-inch diameter. The NeckIt Ultra is available with a fine mesh screen for added security, and its transferable between vehicles.