Meritor is renaming and enhancing two braking products to help customers identify these products and improve their total cost of ownership. As part of a new naming structure, Meritor drum brakes that had been branded QPlus are now Q+; and air disc brakes are renamed from EX225 to EX+.

Enhancements to Q+ drum brakes include:

  • Increased availability at multiple OEM customers;
  • Upgraded performance and lining life for reduced stopping distance; and
  • Increased product familiarity among technicians to improve service ease.

EX+ air disc brake improvements include:

  • Braking performance that results in shorter stopping distances, straight line stopping and fade resistance;

  • Enhanced twin piston design;
  • Improved redundant sealing at each potential ingress path; and
  • Total cost of ownership and return on investment benefits for severe duty applications.