Horton introduces the Modulator LCV40 Fully Variable Fan Drive and WindMaster Plastic LS11 Fan. These products will be available to the market in the spring of 2014. Compact and lightweight, Modulator LCV40 and WindMaster LS11 provide improved fuel economy.

Controlled by the engine’s electronic control unit, the Modulator LCV40 Fan Drive has high torque and a faster response time. The fan drive’s variable-speed operation and lower off-speed result in more usable horsepower for auxiliary systems. The fan drive is completely sealed with durable construction for long, maintenance-free operating life.

Designed for a broad range of operating conditions, WindMaster LS11 blades can be trimmed to the appropriate size for radiator and airflow requirements. The LS11 blades are computer optimized for minimum deflection, reduced fan stress and increased airflow stability. Constructed with UV-stabilized materials, WindMaster Plastic LS11 Fans have an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.