Arsenault Associates has introduced a new Audit Trail Option to Dossier, its fleet maintenance management software. Audit Trail provides a history of all transactions in Dossier, including who in an organization did what and when.

Audit Trail expands the scope of vehicle history by enabling management to see not just what was done to a vehicle, but who did it, and when. Also tracked are any additions, changes, and deletions as they apply to vehicles, parts, personnel, and work requested, done, or cancelled.

Audit Trail's chronological record can find and help correct errors that were entirely inadvertent.

Audit Trail also provides critical documentation for purposes of regulatory compliance and personnel management.

Audit Trail records are easy to access. Every Dossier item (see list below) has a Details link that enables authorized users to bring up the complete history of that item in an Event Log. They can see additions, changes, and deletions as well as who made them. They can search, print, and export that information.

Items supported by Audit Trail in Dossier include Unit (vehicle, typically), Part, Personnel, Vendor, Repair Order, Fuel Item, Customer, Tire, Purchase Order, Part Receipt, and more. Audit Trail search results can be focused by user, by item type, or by time range.

Dossier users can limit the resources used by Audit Trail. An Auditing Options window offers choices; data can be retained for specific periods of time and limited to specified amounts of disk storage space.

Audit Trail is optional in Dossier Professional and is standard in the Dossier Enterprise Edition.